O toiler through the glooms of night in peril and in pain
Thy toiling stint for daily bread comes not by might and main!
Seest thou not the fisher seek afloat upon the sea His bread, 
while glimmer stars of night as set in tangled skein.
A thousand years ago, two generation ships set out from Earth to colonize Aldebaran. The first, the Zenith, arrived to discover that, during their centuries long voyage,  humanity had discovered new ways to cross the unfathomable distances, and that the virgin worlds they'd hoped to settle had been claimed five hundred years before.
The second ship, the Nadir, never arrived.  Some of the Zenitheans believe it settled in an unexplored part of the sector, and that a reunion with their lost brethren will herald a new age of prosperity.  Most, though, believe it lost to The Dark Between the Stars.
You believe that if you don't make the next payment on your ship, the Syndicate will make you disappear as completely as the Nadir.

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Event Date 08-17-2017 8:00 pm
Event End Date 08-17-2017 11:00 pm
Registration Start Date 07-14-2017 7:00 pm
Capacity 5
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Game Master Jody Kline
Location Omni
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